(French, Spanish & Italian Infused)


Fun, country style fair, from the
           Mediterranean Coasts of...

France, Spain & Italy



The Black Sheep Bistro's last dinner was December 30th 2010!

After 22 wonderful years Rick & Diana decided it was time to either re-invest in the Black Sheep, or re-invent it. They chose to re-invent!

Creating a Legacy
The Boufford's began planning the retirement of the restaurant 5 years earlier. By filming everything they did in the kitchen they kept The Black Sheep alive in a very unique way. Their many years of hospitality are shared through a one of a kind educational series with these goals:

To get you excited about making your own healthy restaurant quality food, quickly, at home by showing you exactly how you can do it!
• To build a better community by getting friends, family and neighbors to share time together around great food!
• To share and make available to you the resources for the finest ingredients, the same ones they used at the restaurant!

Join the Black Sheep Cooking Club!
They are currently looking to recruit interested chefs of all; ages, cooking skills and backgrounds, who simply want to learn to cook and cook better. They'll supply you with recipes, sources and the know how in a number of different formats. More importantly you get to learn the way true professional chefs learn, watching a mentor create the actual dish, in a working kitchen, as it is served to a paying customer. You'll find more information on the
Black Sheep Cooking Club site and keep up with them at Just Good Fun. where they are:

"Creating Community Through The Arts"