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About Us

Diana and I have been happily married for over thirty years, and together we've spent over three decades in the restaurant hospitality business. Twenty one years ago we bought our own place where we got to have the time of our life.

A short history.

As newlyweds and young restaurateurs we spent most of our vacations and free time dining out and researching cuisines from around the world. From 1982 to about 1996 we'd go to Europe just about every other year. Diana always had her camera, and once in a while she'd let me use it too. We framed and filled the restaurant with our photos and at one time I counted over 200 in everything from 4 x 6 to 16 x 20. Later we began going other places like Australia and New Zealand. So you'll see many pictures from the places we've been. But since then, our focus has changed and we find ourselves spending most all our free time in wide open country chasing and photographing anything and everything that moves. I sort of feel as though I'm returning to my childhood, for my passion growing up was biology and the study of living things. As you'll see in The Raven Diaries section, years back we took care of a wounded crow, and then shortly after we raised a baby raven that was successfully returned to the wild. These encounters helped to rekindle our love for nature and The Raven Diaries was born to encourage others to get involved also.

What we're not.

We think you'll enjoy using our photos but understand we are not professional photographers and we don't sell them. Although some of our products will be available for sale from outside sources (books, DVD's etc.) we don't charge for any of the pictures, movies or stories that are available on our sites. So use the photos as if you took them yourself. Just remember, any people in the photo (rare), and the law says you need a model release. A similar regulation can apply to photos with recognizable buildings, landmarks, trademarks etc. We will also have a few special pages where you will need to get copyright releases for any public display and we will be supply the copyright holder's name and contact info for you. But for the most part, all our photos are usable for personal, non-professional purposes. Make calanders, cards, use them on your personal web sites, and because most are large JPEG's, you can even use them for large photos and posters. All our photos are pretty much untouched, just the way the camera took them. That way there's no overwriting on them and you are free to change and play with them just about any way you want!

What we are.

We are a grassroots, on fire for life couple, looking for creative ways to give back to our community!

Why a member fee?

We charge a small member fee for two reasons;

1. To make a modest living and cover our minimal web and upkeep costs.

2. Everything over and above will go into our "Partnership Giving" program. We believe we all have a responsibility to help those in need and to take care of what we have. After much research I found a great deal of the money given to many organizations goes to running the organization and sometimes only a small percentage goes to the need. I'm involved in great group of givers where we have about 60 to 70 organizations we are working with where almost all goes specifically to the need. These organizations do everything from providing food, shelter, clothing, free wheelchairs, medical supplies, small business loans and so much more to both 3rd world people in need and those right in our own backyard. You'll also find many pictures taken in National, State, County and Ctiy parks. Our goal in that department is to put ourselves in the position to be able to partner with the heads of specific parks and wildlife reserves to help meet specific needs inside those areas. That way all the money we give will go to that specific project and nothing else.

It's our future, and through Just Good Fun & In His Image we call it "Partnership Giving". Through our Raven Diaries site we call it "Earth Stewardship."

Don't get me wrong, we are not a Non-Profit!

Understand we are a for profit business, we pay all taxes and licences and run this as a business. We are not looking for a handout, a gift or anything else. So your membership fee is not a tax deduction. We provide services for payment. But we think many would like to know the manner in which we choose to spend our profits is to serve a greater good and as time goes on we'll let you know exactly how and where our monies are going.

Your membership includes the ability to participate in 4 unique web sites;

blacksheepcookingclub.com - Let's start with fun with food & wine. My goal is to show you how to cook! In 2006, we started shooting every dish we serve at our restaurant, The Black Sheep Bistro in Tustin California, and using that as a starting point we have hundreds of "phantom chef" videos where you see exactly how a dish is put together from start to finish. It's not a show, there's little to no eye contact and stupid jokes, it's a from my eyes view of exactly how a dish is put together. It shows the close ups of the products not me. It's how I learned to cook, by actually watching every step of the way as they were doing it. I think it's the best way for most to learn how to cook. We have 2 DVD's already available in retailers and at Amazon.com; "The Black Sheep Bistro's Video Cookbook Vol 1" and "How To Party Like a Black Sheep" with more due out in 2011.

Now for part 2 of our cooking series we will be offering a vast array of cooking styles, secrets, sources and more on the blacksheepcookingclub.com web site all shot at our home and at other restaurants we like to visit. We will be sharing our 35+ years of professional restaurant experience in simple downloadable videos, PDF books and pictures.

justgoodfun.net - Our catch all that will include other hobbies and fun; surfing with old style wood boards and how to make them by hand, collecting sea glass and making jewelry from it, fencing (with swords) and more. Eventually I hope to get Diana involved with a number of her skills!

inhisimage.us.com - Here's an area where my wife really shines. When I first met Diana, even before we were married, I was impressed with her skills with a camera. On this site you will have at your fingertip thousands of photographs free for the using. Travel, nature, animals, flowers and so much more. One of my favorite sections is her "Beach Art" department where she has let the ocean waves make thousands of unique designs with the natural shells, sea weed, and rocks found there.

theravendiaries.com - Our love for all things living portrayed through the relationships and lives of ravens and all the different kinds of animals he shares his area with.

If you like what you see, please join us and tell others. Together maybe we can make a difference.

Thank you,

Rick and Diana Boufford