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Welcome to Just Good Fun's New and Free Stuff section!

We hope you enjoy this section where some of our videos, PDF books, stories and photos can be viewed for free. We have a passion to encourage people to get involved in this incredible place we call earth. One of the greatest joys for Diana and I is to share what we've been able to learn not only in the world of fine food and entertainment where we spent the last 3 decades but also in other areas where people get to do things together. So enjoy yourself here, know that we'll be adding more often, and if you like what you see in this section, then we hope you'll consider joining us here where there's far more to enjoy!

Thank you,

Rick and Diana Boufford

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"What To Look For
In Wine
On DVD (see our store)

I'll show you the thing most cooks overlook, the final seasoning! Learn how here!

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Take a look at Diana's sample albums here!.


Hundreds of fun shots from our 5,000 mile, Road Trip.

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Rick shows you how to make your own wood surfboards, the old way!

See a full size board and paipo in pictures here!


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"Fun With Sea Glass"

DVD & Amazon Instant Video

How to collect Sea Glass and make simple wrap jewelry with it!

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Join Huey's Helpers
A short video showing how you can help keep wildlife safe.




MAPS - Meet my friends!
I love maps, and here's a set of maps showing the ravens I've been studying for the last
six years. Included is a short introduction to each family.

Map with each family's yearly brood count!
So far kid count has been from 1 to 6 to a brood!

Want the maps? Free PDF here!


The Raven Diaries Information Videos
Quickies on what makes the raven so unique and updates on the families I study at Crystal Cove State Park. Plus, see the birds and the animals they share their territory with in beautiful Zion, Bryce, the Grand Canyon's north and south rims, Sedona and more!

There's more at The Raven Diaries website

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