The Black Sheep Cooking Club

Is proud to present;

"The Black Sheep Bistro's Video Cookbook Vol 1"
All chefs learn to cook by watching a mentor and that's why this format was created by chef Richard "Rick" Boufford, to show you how it's really done in a professional kitchen. But first Rick teaches the #1 aspect of cooking, and the shortfall of chefs both amateur and professional alike, the final seasoning! Rick stressed this over and over again in his hands on cooking classes at the restaurant, because it didn't matter how good the ingredients were at the
start, if the dish wasn't seasoned right the it fell short of expectations!

Learn the same way professional chefs learn; watch a professional do it!


Consider the companion Cookbook!
Watch the videos (from the DVD above) over and over and you'll see heat levels, pan size, portions, timing (when what goes in) and so much more you can't get from a book. Then take the companion Cookbook into the kitchen with you and you've got a visual reminder with the recipe right at your fingertips!


To watch our videos online you'll need

Quick Time Player, find the free download here!