Dustin's Board
Dustin Clifford is one of our servers at the restaurant. An avid surfer since he was
4, he (and his friends) were a major inspiration for me to get back in the water.
Here, Dustin makes his own full size (8' 3") balsa and redwood board.

Wood and stringer selection.

Sanding and shaping begin.
A prototype is made out of
scrape wood to test
different finishes.


  Dustin tests the prototype.  


Back to work as the
"finish" begins.


And...here it is...!

The Maiden Voyage!

September 18th, 2005
60th Street, Newport Beach

6:30 am


After months of work the day arrives.
As Dustin is unloading his prize,
a young man looks on with wonder,
"wow, how old is that thing?"

Dustin replies with a smile,
"it's brand new, I made it!"