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Here you'll find the links to all the services, videos, and books we make available. Whether you're here for the cooking, to share in our love for wildlife, need pictures for a special project, or any number of our other crafts we hope you enjoy using our unique products.

For your convience, most all our books and DVDs are available at Amazon.com

We feel our most valuable product is our subscription web site where most of what we do is available online for the low yearly fee of $25. We are adding new things constantly and by clicking below you can see what is currently live;

Current Members Site Content

The difference between our DVDs and the Membership site.
Most of the DVDs are taped at the restaurant or outside the home.
The video instruction on the Membership site is mostly shot in the home

Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, Ferran Adria, Paul Bocuse... All the
great chef's of the world learned to cook, by watching a mentor.

That's why, at the Black Sheep Cooking Club, we show you!

See how it's really done;
The Black Sheep Bistro's Video Cookbook Vol 1
The world's first and perhaps only Video Cookbook demonstrating a restaurant's entire menu and desserts. You'll learn to cook the way

By getting both the book and DVD, you'll be able to see the actual dish over and over on your computer or DVD player. Watch, as the chef prepares each dish. You'll get to see the timing, heat levels, size of pan, when such and such is added and so much more you cannot get from a book. Then take the companion cookbook, which has the same pictures as the video, along with the written recipe, into the kitchen to reinforce and remind you exactly the way each dish, sauce or dessert is to be done!
It is the best way to learn!

Our DVD Videos
See what they are saying!

Black Sheep Bistro's Video Cookbook
Volume 1

The entire menu cooked right before youtr eyes.
(Click pic for larger view.)

Black Sheep Bistro's
"Party Like A Black Sheep"

Step by step videos of some of the world's best party dishes.
(Click pic for larger view.)

Join the Chef
in his kitchen!

Here's the menu shot during the working shifts for actual paying customers.
(Click pic for larger view.)

"Party Like
A Black Sheep"

See the menu with a special Pizza section for kids of all ages.
(Click pic for larger view.)

See how a chef shops, organizes and cooks when on vacation.
(So he'll have plenty of time to enjoy the vacation!)

Go on vacation
with a chef!

Get it at;

Cooking in a ocean front rental house on beautiful
San Juan Island!

Our Cookbook
With all the restaurant's recipes!

The Cookbook companion is now available!

For those that asked for
a hard copy to take into the kitchen!

Currently, there are over 60 cooking demonstration videos on our Member's Site.
Sign up here!


I enjoyed my days as a Sommelier (wine steward) and love sharing the wonders of wine. Take a look at the sample of our full color What To Look For In Wine book and "Notes" companion that's available at Amazon.com.

Note to Subscribers, "What To Look For In Wine" is included in PDF form as part of your membership subcription, so just login (or join) here.

Free in PDF format for subscribers

Take a look at some of Diana's
beautiful sample albums here!

Many more are being
to be added soon!

You get all the full size pictures (most are 48" x 32")
as part of your membership when you subscribe here!

Stories for "kids" of all ages who enjoy animals that play and love people!

Books & DVDs

Here's our newest DVD, we call it:
"A Visual Vacation Log of the Wild West - May 2011"
Join us as we set out on a 5,000 mile road trip through 9 western states with 2 goals;
to view and photograph the beauty of the western United States, and to record as much
wildlife as possible. We'll take you to; Zion, Bryce, the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, then
all the way to the San Juan Islands, and down the entire coast of Oregon and California.

In the wild we saw; bears, moose, elk, otters, sea elephants, wolf, coyotes hunting,
baby fox, ravens (of course) eagles, herons, white pelicans, owls, hawks, beaver,
muskrat, geese, deer, bison dueling and dozens of wild orcas at San Juan Island!
But...we also took a couple of amazing side trips, and at one you'll see Diana with 3
baby tigers in her lap (see pic above) and a four week old baby spotted leopard!
What reality TV should be, REAL!

A Visual Vacation Log of the Wild West

available at;


See what kinds of wildlife are really still out there in both our National and State Parks, and just out and about!

I'll put my ravens up against anything in the animal kingdom!
Once you get to know the raven, there are few animals on the planet that can compare in both craftiness and intelligence.
And with the exception of some dolphins, seals, otters and monkeys, none play, tease and have as much fun as the raven.
If you enjoy real stories about animals, check out our fun selections below. My favorite, Bob, Huey & Me is available in
both book and a DVD movie where the entire cast is made up of wild ravens!

DVD movies and documentaries

You'll find the Movie "Bob, Huey & Me" on DVD here!
This site includes a short trailer!

This is the true story of a baby raven Diana and I raised to be wild. You'll be amazed how he took over the entire neighborhood, letting the dogs out and stealing their food, filling his beak with fries and teasing the crows. All recreated using wild ravens from Southern California and Catalina Island.

Bob, Huey & Me DVD at Amazon.

Bob, Huey & Me movie is free to watch online when you join!

The Raven Diaries DVD's.
This is a 2 disk set of 3 short films that includes;
Raven Diaries 1 "Backyard Beginnings" - A 28 min short about how we got involved with these birds in the first place.
Raven Diaries 2 "Ravens vs. Crows" - A 55 minute short highlighting the differences and similarities of ravens and crows. This film was made to specifically answer the most common question I get, "How do you tell a raven from a crow?"
Raven Diaries 3 "Hunting Ravens" - Another 28 minute short, this one focusing on some of the greatest areas to watch ravens play, soar and live. We take you all over Southern California to mountains, beaches and deserts, to Catalina Island and to some of my favorite National Parks; Bryce, Utah, The Grand Canyon, Arizona, and the Olympic Peninsula and San Juan Islands in Washington.
The Raven Diaries Parts 1 to 3 at Amazon.

You can watch it online free when you join us!

The Raven Diaries 4 "The Crystal Cove Project" is here on DVD.
This is also a 2 disk set and is a video log documenting our unique relationships with 3 families of ravens at Crystal Cove, one of our favorite California State Parks. Here we highlight the raising of the young and the unique differences and challenges each and every year brings.
Disk 1 includes "Year 1" & "Year 2" & Disk 2 is our "Year 3" with the birds.
All royalties from this film are donated to the Crystal Cove Park.

The Raven Diaries Part 4 The Crystal Cove Project at Amazon.com.

This series is also available at the Crystal Cove "Store" by the Beachcomber Restaurant in the State park.

Now online and free when you join us!


At our Createspace e-store here: The "Bob, Huey & Me" the book is here!

This is the true story of a baby raven Diana and I raised to be wild. You'll learn how he took over the entire neighborhood, letting the dogs out and stealing their food, filling his beak with fries and teasing the crows. The book goes into more detail of my relationship with both God and the bird than the movie version does. It's a living preview of God's amazing promise for our future life here on earth.

Get it at Amazon.com here; Bob, Huey & Me book

A PDF of this book is free online when you join us here!


"Bob, Huey & Me" The 10th Anniversary Edition is here.
A 10th Anniversary Edition of the book is now available. The story content is expanded and includes over 200 pictures and newly added short stories from our tripswhere we've met numerous ravens at the Grand Canyon, Bryce, Catalina Island and more.

This book presents life not only as God designed but that we can have a meaningful relationship with Him!

Bob,Huey & Me 10th Anniversary book at Amazon.com

©2015 Rick and Diana Boufford & Just Good Fun